Selecting appliances for Off

Most of us were born into a grid world. Our minds are steeped in grid dependency. Effort is required to change the programming and a change of mind always precedes a change of state. So, exactly what appliances can be operated from an off-grid system? Below is a copy-paste from a recent inquiry:

Regarding appliance selection, here is a list of appliances that are grid-dependent. Electric stoves, ovens, water heaters, clothes dryers, and almost all forms of electric heat. The absolute best way to do air-conditioning is with a mini-split. Insulate your house well, use glass moderately, and you can figure 12,000 btu (one ton) per 1000 ft2. That is one half of the standing rule of thumb used by almost all HVAC contractors. I strongly recommend you consider a DC appliance for your refrigerated and frozen food requirements. Small microwaves are no problem. HE washers, gas dryers, gas stove/oven are standard along with the usual array of countertop kitchen appliances. Wood or gas heat, but you may want both. Gas for convenience and wood for sustainability. We do well water systems slightly differently, but that is a subject of it’s own.

The above list will allow you to make an almost unnoticeable transition from grid to off-grid. If you are willing (or specifically want) to accept some life style changes, the transition to grid independence can be very affordable and rewarding.