If you are interested living a sustainable life, you have come to the right place.

Solar Technology Alabama has provided renewable energy options for powering appliances, heating water, and home heating and cooling since 2008.

What Our Customers Want

Renewable energy, of which solar is king, is the answer to independence and security.  You can move off-grid (I did), but you don’t have to.  90% of our customers keep their electric meter.  They just want the ability to maintain some comfort and security if the big utilities take an extended hiatus.  That is what we do.

What We Do

If you are looking for a solar grid-tie system to cut your electric bill in half or perhaps provide a nice retirement income, you need to keep looking.  We are currently not accepting any new grid-tie projects.  We install stand-alone and off-grid power systems.  We install solar water heaters. We install wood-fired gasifier boilers and radiant heat.  We install systems that can support life in a world without public utilities. We work with people that want to sustain themselves in their existing house.  We work with people building a new house and want some grid independence.  And we work with those that want total energy independence.

We work in North Alabama, Southern Middle Tennessee, and Eastern Mississippi. We do occasionally take projects beyond those boundries.