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Solar Water Heating Systems

Those interested in reducing your utility bill should start here.  If you are heating water with
electricity or gas, in the next 20 years you will spend over
$30,000 more than necessary to heat
Let the sun heat your water and spend that money on something else.

Our systems qualify for the 30% Federal tax credit, are high-performance, reliable, require
very little maintenance, and are affordable.  Using the sun's energy to heat water is the best
way to reduce your dependence on purchased energy and lower your energy bill.  
Solar Thermal Panels
Off-Grid and Alternate Power Solar Systems

Battery based solar systems provide reliable energy when other systems fail.  Look here if you
are concerned about an extended grid outage, want less dependence on the grid, or want no
grid at all.  These systems provide:
  • Power to remote locations
  • Security - like nothing else
  • Power for critical appliances, water, and medical equipment
Solar Panels Recharge Batteries
Grid-Tied Non-Battery Solar Systems

About 90% of all solar PV systems installed today are direct (non-battery) grid-tied systems.  
They qualify for the
30% Federal tax credit.  These systems will produce a positive cash flow
in about 10 years and provide a long-term ROI of 8%.  
Alabama Power has some fees that
push the break-even to year eleven and the ROI closer to 7%.  Considering this is guaranteed
(if the sun rises and the grid stays up), no Wall Street investment can match it. Email and ask
for the calculation sheet.

NOTE:  Grid-tied systems are
GRID-DEPENDENT.  They don't produce anything if the grid is
Solar Technology Alabama wants to be your Renewable Energy system provider.  See our video library or search "idosolar" on Youtube.
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